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Free Trial

ucplus can be set up for a 30 day trial simply by downloading and installing the server software as normal. Leave the license serial number field blank and click the "Register for trial" button (the server must have access to the public internet for this to work). This will provision the system with the following licenses for a period of 30 days :
  • 10 xucplus Express licenses
  • 10 xucplus Extra licenses
  • 10 xucplus Fusion licenses
  • 5 xucplus Mobile licenses
  • 1 xucplus Operator Console license
  • 1 xucplus TAPI Driver license

Then download and install the clients or other software you wish to test and install them as normal.

Please note, there is no need to re-install the software should you wish to make it permanent. Simply purchasing and registering an authorized license serial number will make the installation permanent.

To try the software now, please download from the "Software" page - link