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ucplus Express

ucplus Express is a desktop based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) product designed to help you get the most out of your business telephone system.
  • Searching contacts in Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes while your phone is ringing so you know who is calling before you answer the phone
  • Integrates with Google Places providing details of the business calling you before you answer the phone and even providing a link to their web site
  • Allows you to answer, hang up, transfer or place a call on hold with the click of your mouse
  • Supports "click to dial" from web pages, Microsoft Outlook contacts, Lotus Notes and applications supporting TAPI dialing
  • You can also simply copy a number to the clipboard and dial it quickly
  • Provides Call History, enabling you to view previous calls (including missed calls) and return the call easily
  • Provides presence information, allowing you to see if your colleagues are on the phone before you transfer a call to them. Alternatively, send them a chat message using the built in messaging system

  • Address Book
  • Call History
  • Web Page Dialling
  • TAPI Dialling
  • Google Places Integration
  • Screen popping
  • Instant Messaging
  • Call Control
  • Security Policies
  • Real-time Presence