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What operating systems are supported?

Information on Supported Operating Systems and System Requirements can be found here:

Which applications can I integrate ucplus into?

ucplus is able to integrate into a wide range of CRM applications. A full list of these can be found here:

If you would like to know if ucplus can integrate with a specific application, please use the "search" field to type in the name of the application.

Where can I download the latest versions of ucplus?

If you would like to install the latest supported version of the ucplus Server, Client and Mobile applications, you will find links to the relevant Operating Systems here: help

What is a serial number?

  • A serial number is an eight character alpha-numeric code that represents a customer's purchase of ucplus licenses for a single site (i.e. a single server installation). For clarity, there is no zero (0) in codes but there can be the letter O.
  • On the central licensing registration server, one or more licenses are associated with each Serial Number. When a customer uses the Serial Number, these licenses are transferred to their ucplus Server PC.
  • If a customer rebuilds their Server PC or transfers it to a new PC then they would normally keep their Serial Number but it would need to be "released" so that it can be used again.

How do I register a serial number (Automatically or Manually)?

You can find further information regarding licensing here: help

What is a Site ID?

A Site Id is a 12 character code that represents the current installation of the ucplus Server at a given site. To license a server, the Serial Number (which represents the purchase) and the Site ID (which represents the server) are used to generate a unique License Unlock Code.

How do I re-license the ucplus Server Software after a Server re-installation, or Server migration?

For security purposes, you must make contact with the ucplus Licensing Team in order to complete the re-license process for the ucplus Server Software. Before re-licensing, you must make a note of the following information:

  1. The Serial Number registered to your ucplus Software
  2. The Site ID of the ucplus Server PC
  3. The Release Code given when the Serial Number has been released (there is a button to "Release" the Serial number attached to the ucplus Server Software on the Licensing page)
  4. Which Version of the ucplus Server and Client Software you are currently running
  5. The Customer name
  6. First line of the address registered to customer

Completing this process will re-validate the original serial number which can then be used for either of the two options below.

  • If the ucplus Server Software requires re-installation, after the PC has been successfully rebuilt, the original Serial Number can be re-entered and the software registered in the usual methods, either Automatically, or Manually.
  • If the ucplus Server Software requires migration to a new server, then the software and original serial number can be installed and entered as normal.

Note: If you wish to migrate the original server settings from the original server please follow the steps described here:

What if the customer wants to buy additional licenses?

Further licenses are stored against the Serial Number. To perform an upgrade you do not replace the Serial Number, but upgrade it. Upgrades are processed by adding the number of required licenses to the Serial Number.

Then at the customer's site, in the Licensing page of ucplus Server Configuration you can use the "Refresh Licenses" button to transfer the licenses over the web, or the "Add License" button to refresh the licenses using the manual registration method.

You can find further information regarding licensing here: help

When licensing a Server, what customer information is required?

Customers will be asked for their Name, Address, Contact Name and Contact Telephone Number. These fields are mandatory.

There is no other validation on these fields. Customers are encouraged to complete them correctly in order to receive support.

Support may be refused for unregistered sites.

My question was not answered above- what should I do?

If your question was not answered above and you require further assistance, please find the contact details for your country here: